The story of the 9 to 9 Draper Barbershop was influenced by

the early experience of the patriarch of the family...Arven,

who was born in 1915 in Provo, UT. He spent the first many

year's of his life moving around wherever his father's business as a building contractor took them and as he became older himself, Arven went away to school. Eventually he moved to Green River, Wyoming because there was promise for economic opportunities. This was a mining town and major hub for the railroad. He went to work on the railroad until he could save up enough money to start his own barbershop in 1953. Even though he was the owner of the shop he had to hire  and work under 2 other Journeyman barbers to complete his apprenticeship and earn his own status as Master Journeyman barber.

After a couple of years working in the barbershop he soon had enough to also open a mortuary in order to utilize his degree in Mortuary Science. He kept himself occupied working as a mortician and barber simultaneously for a number of years. The running joke with his customers was ,"The last haircut is free!".

In addition, he was a very busy family man with a wife and 3 kids. The 2 youngest were a set of twins, Rick and Ron. They were raised helping out with both businesses and learned to work hard. Arven thought it very important to always have a trade to fall back on so after high school he sent the boys to barber school. Rick and Ron finished barber school and apprenticeship training and started attending Brigham Young University. Ron found a lovely wife and soon had 2 small children of his own. He needed a way to pay tuition and support a family so he opened his own barbershop in Provo, Utah the year of 1972.    Read more...

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9 to 9 Barbershop is a third generation family of barbers and top choice for men's haircuts.
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