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The shop was "Ron's Hair Affair". His brother Rick worked there with him. It was located right next door to a popular restaurant called

"Heaps-O-Pizza", a fixture in the college town. They served a lot of pizza and consequently brought a lot of traffic by the barbershop. Ron's Hair Affair was very successful for a few years, but

change was coming as the Vietnam War was in full force. Ron graduated from college and then left for Columbus, Mississippi to serve in the United States Air Force where he began his pilot training.

He closed the barbershop in 1974. Heaps-O-Pizza soon expanded and tore down the barbershop to provide more parking and also changed the name to "The Brick Oven". The restaurant, a favorite hot spot for Provo,is still operating in the same location. To this day, the vintage barber chair that Ron used is on display in the Brick Oven lobby.

Ron completed his commitment with the U.S. Air Force as the war had ended. He decided to move his family, which now included 4 kids to  Wyoming. He started a career in the securities and finance industry. E.F. Hutton company hired him to open an office as the branch manager in Rock Springs, Wyoming a mere 15 miles away from his hometown of Green River. He worked there for a number of years and was later recruited by a firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. This led to a 22 year career as a stock broker. He enjoyed this line of work but decided it was time to retire from the industry and get out of the high pressure, fast paced world of the stock market and return to the simple enjoyment and honest business of barbering.

By now Ron's kids have grown up and a couple of them chose to follow in his lead and learned the trade of barbering as well. Ron's oldest son Rick (named after his twin brother) and oldest daughter Angela were working in the business. They all noticed a huge void in the Salt Lake area market as there were very few barbershops to be found. This was due to a change in the licensing structure within the state of Utah that basically almost wiped out any recognition of barbering and put all the emphasis on cosmetology. Most hair establishments were geared towards women and services requiring chemicals. So where does a guy go that simply wants a good haircut?  Read more...

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